Pre-caching Files and Folders
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Pre-caching is a proactive approach to data caching that enables team members to instruct Suite to cache specific files or folders in advance. By caching the file in advance, the file's data is stored locally and users can access it seamlessly regardless of their internet speed or network conditions.

💡Read more about Suite's "On-Demand" intelligent caching system which caches data as it is read.

To pre-cache a file or folder in Suite:

Step 1: Navigate to Cache Settings

Step 2: If you haven't already, update the location and adjust the size of your Cache

Our recommendations are:

  1. Change Location: Point the cache to either an internal or external solid-state drive (Suite does not work with hard disk drives or HDDs).

  2. Ensure the SSD is not formatted as exFAT. For best performance, we recommend formatting your drive as NTFS (Windows), or ATFS (Mac). For more information on drive format click here.

  3. Adjust Size: Allocate as much storage as you can spare. With a larger cache, frequently accessed data can be retrieved quickly, drastically improving application performance and reducing latency.

Step 3: Click the "+Add to Cache" button and select either the file or folder you wish to pre-cache

💡Want to Pre-Cache everything in your Suite Drive? Select the entire Suite Drive within Finder or File Explorer and everything added to it will automatically pre-cache.

Once a file or folder has been selected, it will appear under "Path" and begin to pre-cache.

💡 When a file or folder is added to the pre-cache, it automatically updates with any changes or new additions.

Example: Say you have the folder "/Footage" pre-cached and someone on your team adds files to that folder, Suite will automatically pre-cache the newly added data without you having to do anything!

To see the usage of your cache space at any time, you can reference the "Utilization" bar.

  • Pre-Cached: files and folders you have added to your cache.

  • On-Demand: Suite's intelligent caching system which will identify commonly used data to cache.

  • Free Space: Available space on your cache drive.

⚠️ Suite always reserves 20% of the "Max Size" for on-demand file reads.

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